Our Process

Concept to reality...

To ensure you of the very best results, we follow a clear and proven working process - from initial concept to final delivery.
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  • Make any changes based
    on your feedback
  • Changes may also reflect supplier
    and manufacturer input.

Technical drawings:

  • Prepare final drawings
  • Your signoff of drawings is required
    for the project to continue
  • Any confirmed manufacturer(s)
    will also check the drawings.


Supervision of prototype/model making:

  • Liaise with you during assembly and
    testing of prototype or model.


  • Analyse existing products
  • Review processes and materials for construction
  • Discuss any design and market issues with you
  • Liaise with proven manufacturers to
    resolve any potential design issues.

Working Brief:

  • Analyse research findings to
    establish Working Brief
  • Your signoff is required for
    the project to continue.

Concept development:

  • Analyse Working Brief
  • Determine processes and materials
  • Perform ergonomic evaluation to identify
    assembly, servicing and user requirements
  • Prepare concept drawings
  • Undertake form studies to finalise processes
    and materials, and refine aesthetics
  • Prepare concept drawings
  • Prepare technical drawings suitable for initial costing.

Design proposal:

  • Present the concept/technical drawings
    to you at a working meeting.